Way to participate

The participation of companies in the Sustainability Performance Directory is based upon: 

  1. The actions and programs with regards to the main pillars of sustainable development that have been developed by the company the last 3 years and also submitted to the dialogue process of the Bravo Initiative.
  2. The systems and the processes that support the responsible operation of a company as this is proved by the extent of covering the criteria of the Greek Sustainability Code.
  3. The way of reporting sustainability development data.
The final ranking of Greek companies in the Sustainability Performance Directory is as follows:
1.Sustainability Leaders 
In order to be recognised as Sustainability Leader:   
  1. Participating companies must submit in the dialogue process of the BRAVO Initiative their programs and activities that cover all 5 thematic pillars such as Governance, Market, Environment, Society, In Action. Moreover, the above initiatives must gather a total score of 2 points for each program.
Top Sustainability Companies 
In order to be recognised as Top Sustainability Company: 
  1. Participating companies must submit in the dialogue process of the  BRAVO Initiative their programs/activities covering at least 3-4 thematic pillars  of the Initiative(Governance, Market, Environment, Society, In Action). In parallel, those programs must gather a score of at least 2.5 in average for all their programs.
Sustainability Companies 
In this particular category participate all other companies that do not cover the prerequisites for the categories of Sustainability Leaders & Top Sustainability Companies.
Companies can submit their participation in the Bravo Sustainability Performance Directory up until 31 July 2017.





Companies that are already participating