Bravo Sustainability Performance Directory aspires to become a national Charter of Sustainable Development & Responsible Business , with the goal to constitute a reference point for all business that develop policies, initiatives, actions and processes that contribute to the creation of a sustainable Economy- Society.

Bravo Sustainability Performance Directory is part of the Initiative Sustainable Greece 2020 which is the result of a wider cooperation of 5 leading European and International organizations, 33 business associations, 120 business, 17 local authorities and 44 civil society organizations.

The accession of a company into the Bravo Sustainability Performance Directory positions the business amongst the protagonists of Sustainable Development & Responsible Business in our country while facilitating its response to the EU Directive for publication of non-financial data.

Bravo Sustainability Performance Directory is addressed to all businesses, irrespective of their size and sector of activity, that are willing to underline their responsible business approach
  • The Directory is developed via a dialogue process with reliable social partners and stakeholders
  • It is publicly available at:
  • It  is sent to various institutions and organizations at the national and European level.
The companies are invited to participate in three categories:

The companies’ participation in the Directory is based upon:
-Their participation in the dialogue Initiative BRAVO with the programs and activities that the companies have been developing the last 3 years in the thematic pillars of sustainable development
-Their systems and the processes that support their responsible operation and this can be link to the extent they cover the criteria of the Greek Sustainability Code
-Their publication of non-financial data

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Companies that are already participating